The Veya Story

Having run 3 successful restaurants in Pennsylvania over a period of 20 years, Chef Carrie Bogar and husband/restaurant manager Jerry Bogar decided they needed a change of scenery.

After visiting a few different islands, they decided on Anguilla. They went home, sold their restaurant “Empire”, packed up their 3 young children and moved to the island to open Veya in 2007.

Chef Carrie Bogar

Carrie got her first job at fifteen, cleaning and preparing vegetables in a kitchen in a restaurant. But, what started mainly as an excuse to get out of school early turned into a lifelong obsession. 

As a self-styled picky eater, Carrie would surprise her parents with her decision to attend the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York – “the Harvard of cooking schools”. 

In Carrie’s opinion, her “Cuisine of the Sun” is a perfect fit for Anguilla. She enjoys marrying Caribbean flavours with Indian, North African, and especially Southeast Asian (salty-sweet-spicy) combinations.

Cuisine of the Sun

At Veya, we take a fresh, island-based approach to creative cuisine. 

We’re committed to sourcing the best and freshest ingredients. Some of our fresh herbs and veggies come from our very own hydroponic farm right here at the restaurant. The rest are sourced from the local organic farms which are thriving in Anguilla. 

We’ve built up a fantastic relationship with local small fishermen who supply us with a constant supply of fresh-caught mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, crayfish and lobster. You can guarantee that our dishes are all prepared with the freshest ingredients we can put our hands on.